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Slytech 2nd skin Multisport Jacket

Slytech 2nd Skin Protective Multisport Jacket is the fully customizable protection for your upper body made with the Slytech 2nd Skin technology. The padding is composed of multiple parts which can be removed and placed along arms, chest and back as the rider prefers. The modularity allow s you to get the best protection when you need it and also remove the pieces you do not need or when you need to machine wash the Jacket.

Serial number SL-0910-1
Price 169,90 €
Sale price 138,19 €
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Color: black
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

It can be used integrated with the Slytech 2nd Skin Backprotector (sold separately), thanks to a pocket where you can slide the upper part of the protector and fasten it thanks to the Velcro of the Modular Concept.
The Slytech 2nd Skin Protective Multisport Jacket will allow you for total freedom of movement and full protection when needed. Finally an armor-free protective jacket for all action sports’ riders. Best combined with the other Slytech products according to the modular protection concept.


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